Rhinegold Turquoise Matchy Set

£47.45 £39.99

Turquoise matching set from Rhinegold brings excellent value for money for a large collection of matchy products. Included in the set is a Rhinegold saddle pad, fly veil, head collar with lead rope, bandages and padded girth. At this price point it's definitely one of the most complete and yet most affordable matchy sets we have on the site! Also available in a number of other colours including Raspberry, Tangerine and More!

Rhinegold Wave Saddle Pad Colours

1 x Rhinegold Wave Saddle Pad

If you want to keep your saddle grease-free and your horse rub-free then using a saddle pad is definitely the way to go. Fully ventilated and quilted saddle cloth from Rhinegold is available in a range of colours to fit Pony, Cob and Full sizing.

Rhinegold Fly Veil

1 x Rhinegold Fly Veil

Help protect your horse from irritating flies and insects whilst out riding with one of these colourful fly veils from Rhinegold. Pony, Cob, and Full and Extra Full sizing available.

Rhinegold Nylon Headcollar baby blue

1 x Rhinegold Nylon Headcollar

Ideal for everyday use, this great value headcollar from Rhinegold is available in a huge selection of colour options and sizing ranging from Shetland right through Extra Full!

Rhinegold Elasticated Training Bandages

1 x Rhinegold Elasticated Training Bandages

Set of 4 training bandages available in 9 colours. Protect and support your horse's legs whilst working with these elasticated and strong training bandages from Rhinegold. Velcro fastening to provide a secure and comfortable fitting.

Rhinegold Cotton Lead Rope

1 x Rhinegold Cotton Lead Rope

Rhinegold Standard cotton leadrope with brass trigger clip. Choose from 15 different colours

Rhinegold Cotton Padded Girth

1 x Rhinegold Cotton Padded Girth

Traditional cotton padded girth from Rhinegold. Features soft and comfortable padding with steel buckles for fastening. Available in a wide range of colours.


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