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Alpacas – Could They Change Your Horsey’s Life for the Better?

The wonder of woolies! Could an alpaca be a cuddle companion for your horsey? Why not choose a more unusual companion for your horse – Llamas and alpacas are ideal and have huge benefits too! llamas and alpacas are fast becoming the most popular companions for horses and there are many benefits to owning them. […]

Paws For Thought – The Benefits of Hacking out with Your Dog

Hacking out with your dog can be brilliant – or a bit of a ‘mare. You’re setting off for a hack on a beautiful morning. Your horse is striding happily, your dog running alongside, both excited but listening for you, too. It’s amazing, really – they are behavioural opposites – canine predator, equine prey. In […]

5 Great Benefits Of Horse Riding For Kids

As children start to grow up and take in the world around them, experiencing nature and the great outdoors is a wonderful educational tool as well as a means of developing both their personality and imaginative spirit. There is a lot of literature available online about how horse-riding is beneficial to children with behavioural and […]