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Red is the colour of love, the colour of danger … and the colour of first place rosettes! So, whatever shade you choose from our fabulous collection of reds, you can be sure your horse is going to look a winner.

Whether you match your sets in bold burgundy, flattering fuchsia or something more dynamic like a deep red, this is the colour for riders looking to make a statement. Thankfully, it is also a colour that suits most horses.

Although deep red looks striking on dark bays and blacks, and the softer shade of fuchsia complements paler coloured horses like the greys or a stunning cremello, in our experience the bolder reds work especially well for piebald horses, giving them an elegant regal look whether they're a sturdy cob or a flashy Trakehner.

There’s also good news for chestnut owners because red can look fantastic as long as you stick to deeper shades to complement the natural vibrancy of your redheads!

Red fly veils & ear bonnetsAll Red Fly Veils

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Red Saddle PadsAll Red Saddle Pads

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