Matching Horse Sets For Ponies

The chances are that if you love horses it started with a Pony! For this reason, here at Matchy Horsey we’ve taken extra special care to bring you the best matchy sets on the market for someone else’s first love.

Putting it simply, a pony is a small horse that stands less than 14.2 hands at the withers.

As with their bigger cousins the horses, ponies come in lots of different breeds, not to mention colours and levels of cuteness. But as a rule, ponies will have thicker manes and tails than most horses, shorter legs and wider barrels.

Historically, ponies were used for driving and freight transport. It wasn’t an easy life and in some parts of the world they remain workers. However, in the UK, ponies are more likely to be the beloved mount of a child or adult – and that’s how the love affair starts!

Generally considered to be intelligent and friendly, ponies are strong for their size and they are often brave, making them ideal show jumpers. For showing purposes, ponies are usually grouped into small, medium, and large sizes with small ponies being no taller than 12.2 hands, medium ponies under 13.2 hands and large ponies up to 14.2 hands.

Of course, a well-trained pony can also excel at dressage as the famous Connemara Crossbred, Seldom Seen, once proved when he took his owner all the way to Grand Prix level in the late 80s. This super pony won the prestigious Grand Prix class In Devon, despite being only 14.2hh and in the face of fierce competition from the far bigger warmbloods!

Our range of Pony match sets

So don’t be fooled, ponies may be small but they’re mighty with it and as such they deserve the same fantastic collection of saddle pads, bandages, boots and fly veils as the horses. So, make yourself comfortable because here at Matchy Horsey we’ve got the perfect pony matchy sets that money can buy.