What is a numnah for horses?

A numnah is a type of saddle pad that is cut to the shape of a saddle rather than a square. The purpose of a numnah is to protect the horse’s back and keep the saddle clean of dirt and sweat during riding.

What is a GP Numnah?

A GP numnah is a saddle pad cut to the shape of a General Purpose Saddle, also known as an All Purpose Saddle, which is the most popular saddle out there among riders who want to jump and do flat work without having to change saddles.

How do you fit a Numnah?

To fit a numnah you must measure your saddle – from the front to the back, the cantle width, the length of the flap from the gullet to the bottom and finally the flap width. Then add four more inches to your measurements.

Why is it called a numnah?

The word numnah has its origins in India. A modification of the word numdah, numnah can be traced back to the mid-19th century Urdu word namdā, which was a coarse felt made in India that was typically worn under the saddle.

Can you ride a horse without a numnah?

You can ride a horse without a numnah, but as they are designed to help protect a horse’s back and keep the saddle clean, it is better to ride with a numnah. Even the most perfect fitting shoes feel more comfortable with socks.