Horse Head Collar & Halters

A head collar, also known as a halter, is a must-have item for all horse owners as it essentially enables you to handle your horse safely. Whether you are merely bringing your horse in from the paddock or training, if you try to lead a horse without a head collar you are effectively in charge of a rudderless ship – or an expert in natural horsemanship! So, buy a head collar.


What are head collars?

A head collar consists of a noseband and a headpiece that buckles around the horse’s head. This is an everyday item that allows a horse to be safely led or tied up when needed.

By the by, never tie a horse by the bridle, the bit or the reins. If the horse panics, the reins will most likely snap and, in the worst-case scenario, your horse’s jaw could be seriously damaged by the bit. If you need to tie up a bridled horse, always slip a head collar on over the bridle.

For your horse’s comfort make sure the head collar you use fits properly. If it’s too short, it could be too tight, leading to skin irritation and possible hair loss. If the head collar is too loose it could easily slip over the nose, making it pretty ineffective as a handling aid, or it could get caught on something.

As with most equine products, sizes may vary from brand to brand but as a rule of thumb, small will usually fit a pony, mediums tend to fit cobs, Arabs and some thoroughbreds, while warmbloods will normally need a full. If you have an extra-large horse, you know you’ll need an extra-large in everything, including head collars! Thankfully, most headcollars have buckled straps that allow for small changes to get the right fit.

Although a head collar is the safe option when leading or tying up your horse, this does not mean it is the safe option for turning out. It is never advisable to leave a head collar on a horse when left unsupervised in a field or in the paddock as they can easily get snagged on a fence or a branch. This could lead to physical injury, leaving the horse traumatised and less trusting of any tack that constricts the face in future.

Thankfully, for such an essential piece of tack, head collars are relatively cheap! They also come in a multitude of collars and styles, with thickset nosebands or padded nosebands looking especially cute on horses with longer faces.

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