What do half pads do for horses?

Half pads help distribute your weight across a horse's back and are especially beneficial for horses that need more cushioning or support than a regular pad provides. Half pads can make saddles more comfortable as a temporary fix, but they are not a solution for a badly fitting saddle.

Are half pads necessary?

Half pads are necessary if your horse needs more cushioning than a regular pad provides. If your saddle fits perfectly, a half pad isn’t needed. If your saddle is a close fit, a half pad can make it perfect. Half pads are often used in close-contact disciplines like jumping.

What are wither pads used for?

Wither pads are used to lift the saddle off the horse's withers to prevent rubbing, sores or bruising. Wither pads can be especially beneficial for horses with high, narrow or hollow withers and they can also help balance the saddle.