Horse Fly Masks

Browse our complete range of full face fly masks for horses and ponies. Mask options include with and without ears, and some products also provide UV protection.

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Can horses have fly masks on at night?

Horses can wear fly masks at night, but they are not generally needed as there are no flies to bother them once the sun goes down. However, should your horse have an eye condition and need the extra protection there is no harm in keeping a mask on overnight.

Should I use a fly mask on my horse?

Use a fly mask if your horse is bothered by flies or if your horse’s eyes show sensitivity to dust and sunlight. Horses that are excessively bothered by flies may benefit from masks that also cover the ears and the muzzle.

Can a horse wear a fly mask in the rain?

Horses can wear fly masks in the rain, but because the masks tend to be semi-transparent and made of mesh, heavy rain may hamper a horse’s ability to see clearly – especially if your horse likes to roll in fresh mud.

Can you ride in a fly mask?

Horses can be ridden in fly masks as long as they can see well enough to feel comfortable. Riding-model fly masks have recently come on the market which make it easier for your horse to see through, though they aren’t as sturdy as regular masks.

What is the best fly mask for horses?

The best fly mask for a horse is the one that suits its needs most. For example, lighter horses may benefit from masks with full face coverage to protect them not only from flies, but also from sunburn in the summer months.