Tendon Boots

Tendon boots are designed to protect the tendons in a horse’s front legs. They are commonly used when a horse is jumping, to guard tendons against damage by the back hooves on landing. Accidents can happen, and the last thing you want is your horse to be off for months with an injury. Here you’ll find a range of tendon boots designed to offer extra protection.

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What Are Tendon Boots Used For?

Open-fronted tendon boots and fetlock boots are generally used for show jumping. The tendons and fetlock joints are still protected but the front part of the leg isn't.

This is because if your horse hits a pole when show jumping, you don't want him to hurt himself but you do want him to actually feel it.

This will help to teach him to be more careful and to clear all the poles!

Which Tendon Boots are the Best?

Many boots use moulded exteriors - make sure that you check you have the right size for your horse. If your horse is on the upper or lower end of the scale of boot size categories, it may be worth checking what size he needs.

Open-fronted tendon boots are among the more popular options, but closed tendon boots are also available. The reason most riders choose the open style is that the horse can feel when he knocks into the lightweight poles used in showjumping.

Think about the activities you will be doing with your horse before making your decision.

As well as tendon guards, some boot designs feature added protection for fetlock and/or sesamoid bones. Assess the individual needs of your horse and the work he's doing, and choose a design to suit.