Bandages For Horses & Ponies

Bandages, or polo wraps, are worn for riding in order to protect a horse from minor cuts, bumps and bruises that tend to occur on the inside or outside of a horse’s lower leg. They also provide support to the fetlocks, tendons and ligaments.


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What are horse exercise bandages for?

Bandages form part of a horse’s ‘protective gear’ and are usually worn during training. Typically made of a fleece material, the bandages are wrapped around the cannon bones to help prevent abrasions and splints, which can occur on the inside or outside of a horse’s lower leg due to striking their own leg with another hoof.

Numerous studies in the field of injury and prevention have found that the lower limbs of horses are especially vulnerable to damage, which is why it is recommended that a horse’s lower legs are covered for protective and support purposes.

As with all tack, it is important that the bandages are put on correctly with even pressure all the way down the cannon bone. They shouldn’t be wound so tight that they restrict blood flow yet they need to be tight enough not to slip (putting uneven pressure on the tendons) or unravel during schooling.

Bandages commonly come in two sizes 200cm for ponies and300 cm for horses. Bandage pads can also be worn under the bandages for added protection.

Of course, the great thing about bandages is that protective wear doesn’t mean having to skimp on style – and there’s nothing more stylish than a beautiful saddle pad and matching bandage set!

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