Gloves For Horse Riding

Whether you ride in gloves all year round, or simply during competition, they are a vital piece of equestrian kit.

Choosing The Best Horse Riding Gloves

If you're not sure which riding gloves to buy, then here's a few points to consider before you make your selection.

Competition Riding Gloves

Your choice of glove will depend on the discipline(s) in which you wish to participate. For example, cross-country riding would require a pair of gloves that retain grip in wet and/or muddy conditions, while choosing gloves for the showing ring may be based more on aesthetics than on heavy-duty performance.

Winter Riding Gloves

Consider the weather conditions that you may find yourself riding in - if you require gloves for warmth, then choose a pair with a lining with good thermal properties. If you wish to use one pair of gloves for all seasons, then a breathable pair is a must-have.

Riding Glove Sizes

If buying a pair of traditionally-sized gloves (that is, not the common S, M or L) and you are unsure of your glove size, one tip is to measure around the knuckle of one hand, excluding your thumb. This measurement, to the nearest cm or inch (depending on the brand), is your size. You can find accurate size charts for each brand on the riding glove product pages.

riding gloves how to measureHow To Size Riding Gloves

To find the correct riding glove size for your hand you first have to measure the width f your palm. To do so simply measure around the hand between the thumb and forefinger.

The size in CM will correspond with the glove size in the brands size chart. Size charts are available below and also on every riding glove product page.

Some riding glove brands like Hy5 also offer a finger length measurement to factor into their glove sizing. Simply measure the length of your middle finger from the tip of your fingernail to the bottom of your finger.


Leather is a common choice, although polyurethane, lycra and neoprene also feature.


Velcro wrist fastenings are frequently used for extra security, but elasticated styles are also common.


Many designs incorporate a lining, for warmth and/or breathability. Other features include reinforced areas between the fingers and on the palm, sometimes with textured surfaces for added grip.

Riding Glove Size Charts

Below you will find the size charts and guides for the brands of riding gloves that we stock.

Hy5 Adult Riding Gloves
Adults SizePalm Width (cm)Finger Length (cm)
X Small16-187.7
X Large20-228.9
Hy5 Kids Riding Gloves
Kids SizePalm Width (cm)Finger Length (cm)
X Large16-177.5
HKM Riding Gloves Size Chart
SizePalm Width
613.5 cm
814.5 cm
1015.5 cm
1216 cm
XS16-17 cm
S18-19 cm
M20-22 cm
L23-24 cm
XL25-26 cm
XXL27-29 cm
XXXL30-31 cm