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What are Country Boots?

Picture this: it’s wet and muddy, and the sky is grey with a sea of cloud that promises more rain and cold winds. You need something that will keep your feet warm and dry; comfortable and protected.

Enter the country boot.

No, we don’t mean just your average wellington boot, designed for splashing in puddles and dodging the rain. And we certainly don’t mean those high heeled country and western boots for dosey-do’ing and to-and-fro’ing.

We mean boots made for the great outdoors, that remain waterproof and durable in all weathers, and ensure an amazing fit for your feet, whether you wear them every day or once in a blue moon. Boots that not only look great but feel great too, because we care about what you care about. Boots tailor made with designs for men, women and children, because we understand that not everyone wants to look exactly the same.

There are a variety of brands dominating the market right now, and your options as a buyer are endless. The country boot market offers everything from ankle boots to knee highs, all everything in between. There are boots available for all the seasons, ensuring warmth and a breathable haven for your feet, and even boots with those stylish details to take you instantly from farm to fashion.

When it comes to safety in the great outdoors, you really can’t do better than the country boot. Rubber soles are favoured by many of the brands available, minimising the risk of slipping no matter what the weather or walking surface. The thick strong materials used to create the body of the boot ensure your ankle is kept secure, reducing the risk of injury for even the weakest of ankles.

So many options to choose from, but how do you know which boot is best for you?

Depending on your purpose of wear, the right boot for you can vary hugely. Horse riders tend to favour those brands built for all-weather activity, with boots that are designed to withstand the demands of being used both on the ground and in the stirrup. Whereas casual country boot wearers lean towards boots with a versatile design; perhaps one can that be worn on the farm yard AND the school yard.

Whatever your purpose, we guarantee we have the country boot for you. The ranges available are endless, and ultimately the choice is yours.

Browse our range of country boots to find the perfect brand, range, style and size for you.