Ladies Matchy Riding Outfits & Collections

There are days when the only equestrian clothing on your mind consists of an old pair of jeans and the biggest, warmest jumper you can find, not to mention a pair of waterproof wellies. And then there are days when only looking one hundred percent fabulous will do! And that’s where Matchy Horsey comes in.

As a rule, the number one item of equestrian clothing common to all riders is a good pair of jodhpurs or breeches. Essentially riding trousers, these are cut from a close-fitting, stretchy fabric, which moves with the rider when in the saddle. Both breeches and jodhpurs also have reinforced patches on the inside of the knee while some have added grip on the seat and inner thighs.

Although breeches and jodhpurs fulfil the same purpose, they do differ slightly. Breeches are usually cut shorter on the leg so they can be worn comfortably under long boots. In contrast, jodhpurs tend to be long enough for a turn up over short jodhpur boots while some also have a strap to slip under the heel.

As if that wasn’t choice enough, equestrians now have a new kid on the clothing block – riding tights. These lightweight gems are similar to leggings and ideal for hot summer days. Like breeches and jodhpurs, they can also come with a full seat for extra grip in the saddle or knee patches.

As most breeches, jodhpurs and tights aren’t sized according to dress size it might be useful to know that:

  • EU36 = UK 26 = dress size 8
  • EU 38 = UK 28 = dress size 10
  • EU 40 = UK 30 = size 12
  • and so on.

Rather like riding pants, riding tops have also undergone a transformation in recent years. With more emphasis on riding as a sport, equestrian clothing is increasingly designed with performance in mind so tops tend to be fitted yet flexible using finely woven fabrics that are breathable yet warm.

Therefore, a base layer top worn under a fitted fleece or jacket will allow for movement yet still keep a rider warm in winter without them having to resort to swathes of cable-knit wool.


  • XS = EU34 = dress size 8
  • S = EU36 = dress size 10
  • M = EU 38 = dress size 12
  • L = EU 40 = dress size 14
  • and so on…

Another staple of a rider’s wardrobe is the gilet. Often padded to keep the body warm, gilets allow for maximum movement and are an essential item of riding gear for most riders in the cooler months.

Of course, the most important criteria of all equestrian clothing is freedom of movement. However, with real progress having been made in the use of performance fabrics, flexibility has never been more fashionable and here at Matchy Horsey we have a fantastic collection of breeches, base layers, gilets and riding tops that offer first-class comfort with optimum style.

When your horse is dressed head-to-hoof in matchy perfection, we also want you to look your best!