Childrens Matchy Rider Outfits & Clothing Collections

Like any sport requiring balance, coordination and bravery, the younger you start horse riding the easier you’ll find it, which is why here at Matchy Horsey we’ve got a fabulous kids’ collection of clothing from the age of two upwards!

It’s always heart-warming seeing a youngster in love with their first pony, but away from the cuteness overload, the benefits of horse riding for children are huge.

Riding horses teaches youngsters responsibility and dedication, and it can also be a great lesson in humility! Thankfully, the friendship young riders form with their horses easily makes up for any scrapes and bumps along the way and you’ll find it’s a connection that will change their lives forever.

A recent study has shown that horse riding is also good for a child’s brain! Bigwigs at the Toyko University of Agriculture found that the vibrations created during riding activated the sympathetic nervous system, improving their ability to perform behavioural tasks leading to better memory, learning and problem solving.

As all equestrians know, horse riding is a never-ending series of goals to aim for – even if the goal is simply to stay on your horse – and, for kids, working towards and achieving goals in any discipline helps them to develop resilience.

As they achieve their goals, children will experience a sense of accomplishment and pride in working hard to succeed, all of which can only stand them in good stead for the years to come. Of course, there will also be disappointments, but learning to deal with these moments is also an invaluable life lesson.

But perhaps, one of the greatest gifts from horse to child, is the gift of confidence. Riding horses can greatly improve self-belief and esteem.

Horse riding, as we know, is a very physical activity that boosts fitness and strength. It also means children are spending less time indoors and more hours outside in the fresh air. And like any sport, the right clothing can make all the difference, which is why here at Matchy Horsey we take as much care over our kids’ collections as we do with the adults – only with added cuteness.

Whether it’s breeches, fleece tops or riding socks, we’ve got some fantastic matchy outfits at fantastic prices that do the same job as the adult equestrian clothing because no matter what anyone might tell you, riding horses is not kids’ play!