Matching Rider Outfits & Collections

Here at Matchy Horsey we understand how hard it can be for riders to keep up with their stylish mounts so we’ve put together a dress-to-impress collection of matchy outfits for all you dedicated equestrians!

For most riders, equestrian clothing starts – and sometimes ends – with breeches. Therefore, finding the right pair of breeches that are comfortable and durable is a must. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult these days as there’s so much variety on offer.

For riders who want to feel a little more secure in the saddle, always look for a full seat or knee patches. The mainstay of the eventing and dressage crowd, full seat breeches have contrasting and gripping fabrics from the knee to the inner thigh. This creates an almost sticky seat that helps riders stay in the saddle as they perform their gaits.

For everyday use, most breeches more than adequately fit the bill as they are made from breathable fabrics that rarely slip and slide. Reinforced kneepads also offer extra protection from saddle rubs.

Of course, equestrian clothing is more than simply pulling on a pair of breeches, which is why here at Matchy Horsey we’ve sought out collections to make every rider look great from head to toe.

With matching shirts, riding jackets, hoodies or accessories, looking good has never been so easy.

We’ve also done our utmost to make sure riders can colour coordinate with their horses, or ponies for that matter, because we have rider matchy sets for young equestrians as well!