Blue is often thought of as a cold colour, but at Matchy Horsey the colour blue is so hot it’s cool.

Ranging from azure and denim to teal and turquoise, there’s a shade out there to suit every horse, pony and rider.

A highly versatile colour, blue is often a safe choice for most horse owners, but don’t assume it’s the boring choice. It’s not. Teamed with a fly veil and the right bandages or boots, our blues can be fun or they can be elegant.

As you might expect, the darker blues suit greys exceptionally well and shades such as deep blue and night blue can add a real touch of sophistication to a well-groomed grey, especially when saddle pads are matched with bandages for that extra wow factor.

In contrast, lighter shades like powder blue and turquoise look great on all bays and these colours really standout on darker horses – and anyone fortunate enough to own a liver chestnut.

A strong blue also does wonders for skewbalds!