About Matchy Horsey

As the name probably suggests, Matchy Horsey is a dedicated “matchy matchy” equestrian retailer. Basically, we take all the hard work out of finding matching sets for you and your horse. Ranging from colour matching grooming sets to 20+ piece horse and rider mega collections!

As horse owners ourselves we’ve always been fans of uniformity and colour-coordination when it comes to equestrian clothing and tack.

Our aim is to bring you the most comprehensive range of matching equestrian sets we possibly can, from all the horsey brands that you know and love. In doing so, hopefully we can simplify the process of locating all these different sets individually and provide an excellent shopping experience to the equestrian community.

All our products are available seperately – you aren’t forced to buy the full set.

The number of matchy collections and individual products is updated daily, so make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out about our latest product updates!

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us.