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what colour suits my horse?

It’s the question most asked across equestrian internet forums all over the world, but is there a definitive answer to “what colour looks best on my horse?”

horse tack colour wheel

Well, as it turns out, yes, there’s actually an art to colour matching. While you probably know that some colours look great together and others just don’t, you may not know that this is all to do with the “colour wheel”. This is a neat little tool which is broken up into cool, warm, primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

Designers, stylists, painters, artists – and now horse riders – can use the principles of the colour wheel to pair hues that work in harmony with each other. Which is exactly the look you’re after when you’re aiming to effortlessly turn out your horse in a matchy matchy set that complements their coat colour, markings, the rest of your tack and even your riding outfit.

Kitting your horse out with coloured saddle pads, matching fly veils and bandages has become a sought after style, with many professional riders showcasing their favourite ensembles both at shows and at home. Luckily, we can seek to emulate these looks within our arenas too, with just a little help from colour theory.

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